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Underground at the Penn Museum

Statue group of a family with a father and mother on the left and their two sons beside them. The son, Pepi is identified as the donor of this statue. The physiognomy of the group reflects royal figures of the 12th/13th dyns. with large ears, heavy lidded eyes.

Museum Object Number:59-23-1

Nepal 1955 Reel 17 of 24
Cat. Reel 98 1955. Reel 17. Nepal. September 1-2. Katmandu, Patan (2 miles south of Katmandu)


Let’s start a band! 

Mesenko, Museum Collection Number: 2003-23-7A
Kecapi, Museum Collection Number: 87-1-3
Tarawangsa, Museum Collection Number: 87-1-4A
Ding nam, Museum Collection Number: 2004-13-6
Trumpet, Museum Collection Number: 95-22-4
Bell, Museum Collection Number: 29-109-118B

Cat. Reel 103 1955: Reel 23: India. September 14-16. Jaipur, Agra.

7,000 Year-old Wine Jar

Museum Collection Number: 69-12-15

Fashion Week 2014 @ the museum. 

Kalighat painting on cardboard. Image of Sarasvati, Goddess of Music. Female figure in royal robes seated on lotus blossoms, holding a musical instrument, possibly a sitar. Folk art style with thin, bright pigments loosely applied. Some silver paint.

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